J2’s English camp started today!


  • イングリッシュキャンプ

The goal of the camp is to improve their English skills in only three days, so they didn’t relax on the way to the camp in Sugadaira in Nagano. Even in the bus, they were doing some activities to get ready for the camp.
Arriving here, the 102 split into 10 groups and introduced themselves to the other students of the group. After that,the native English teachers demonstrated a skit “The Giant Turnip” or “Okina Kabu.” The students are supposed to make their own skit and perform it on stage on the 2nd day!
Even while they were having dinner, they spoke English because they shared the table with their teachers. After they finished dinner, they went back to work on their skit.
We told them to use English always. At the beginning they were a little confused, but now they are getting used to the situation. We hope they will try hard to express themselves in English tomorrow as well.  By Toshihiro Watanabe
english camp 20140818①-thumb
Introduction at the main hall
english camp 20140818②-thumb
Teachers’ demonstration on stage
english camp 20140818③-thumb
In the classroom
english camp 20140818④-thumb
Group work