J2’s English camp final day


  • イングリッシュキャンプ

Today was the last day of the English Camp.
After breakfast, the students worked on origami. It was their turn to teach the teachers how to make origami. It must have been difficult but they tried very hard to explain it in English.
Spending three days with eleven native English teachers, the students seem to have less inhibition but more motivation towards English, not only learning but actually using it for communication. It was great to see our students enjoying having conversations with their teachers in English without hesitation. They even talked to me in English this morning!
The thing that made the strongest impression was probably the skits. Students showed their creativity and capability so much that they went much further than our expectations. They must have worked so hard to write and memorize their lines, some of which require some very difficult grammar and vocabulary for second graders.
To the students. We are so proud of you! We all hope you learned many things from this camp and keep motivated in class. We can’t wait to see you at school in September!
By Moe Shimizu

Thank you, teachers!